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Delta United Soccer Club

Competition Teams (2016)
Click on Team name for more team information and Coach's name to get an individual team schedule.  The  icon takes you to the team website.

Boys U8
 Delta Knights 10 Ramon Viscarra925 698-2852ramonviscarra@yahoo.com       

Boys U11
 Delta Venom 05 Jesse Ponce925 303-5532pjesus92@yahoo.com

Boys U14
 Delta Mavericks 02 Joe Workman650-291-0964joe@workmanmail.com

Boys U15
 Delta Quakes 00 

Boys U16
 Delta United 99 Conrad Diaz925-366-5901justsoccer@comcast.net
 Delta Saints 99 

Boys U17
 Delta Barcelona 98 


Girls U10
 Delta Intensity 06 Patrick Okoh510-825-3912caliku@hotmail.com
 Delta Dynamite 07 Octavio Diaz925-595-7600Taviodiaz@gmail.com

Girls U12
 Delta Fire 04 Nilton Avila510-485-8203coachnilton@gmail.com
 Delta Evolution 03 Claudio Basso925-719-2382dyslcoachbasso@gmail.com

Girls U13
 Delta United 02  Click here for team websiteTom Larsen510-915-7505tlarsen@harleymarine.com

Girls U14

 Delta International 02 Omar Flores925-752-4633ogayflores@yahoo.com

Girls U16

 Delta Force 00 Chris Gaughan925-437-9170dyslcoachingdirector@gmail.com

Girls U17
 Delta Arsenal 98