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Delta United Soccer Club

Comp Payment Process

To register to pay online via GotSoccer, click here

Each player new to comp will have to create an account in GotSoccer. If you played comp last season, your information may already be in the system. You can look up your account information by clicking here and entering your email address. GotSoccer accepts Visa/MasterCard and e-Checks.

Comp Registration Fee is $675

Full Payment Option:

·      July (full payment)       $675

Payment Plan Option: Add $25 for payment plan option, $700 total

·      July (initial payment)       $250

·       August 1st                   $150

·       September 1st              $150

·       October 1st                 $150


NOTE: If payments are started after the initial July payment start date, payments must be caught up to current date.

For any players needing to pay with cash or checks, (gotsoccer does accept e-Checks in the above payment system) make checks out to DYSL and contact your team Manager or Coach.

Competition League Refund Policy:

Due to the nature of the year-long commitment and limited rosters, refunds will be considered only in extreme circumstances. Many expenses are paid by the club up front (league fees, player fees, admin fees, field costs, etc). Once a player registers for a competitive team, the club makes financial commitments for that player to participate for one full year. If you are requesting a refund due to an extreme hardship, please submit a refund request form with details of your situation.